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Photo: Pinetrees Collection

White water kayaking the Lower Caragh

The Reeks District has long since been associated with some of the best white water kayaking and canoeing in Ireland. For years scores of people have followed the rains to enjoy the many rivers that flow from the mountains into the area. It should be noted that not all have open access throughout the year and these local restrictions should be observed.

The quality of the water in the rivers of the Reeks region has long been the benchmark standard for water quality in both Ireland and Europe. Grades of water from 2 – 5 can be found in the region. Most paddlers will have their own preferences to the type of water they paddle and the degree of difficulty.

The Lower Caragh has developed a reputation as being one of the best rivers in the area. There is something here to suit and challenge most paddling abilities. There are rapids with straight forward or more complex lines, recirculation’s that will develop tricks and develop your freestyle paddling and waves to surf. The river winds its way through a series of great meanders towards the sea right below the steep slopes of Seefin and Commaun.

If you visit the region, a trip here is a must. For first timers it will set the tone for the natural feel to the rivers of the area and their keep you on your toes (technical) feel. For those returning it offers a pleasant welcome in friendly surroundings like the area is saying ‘welcome back, we missed you’.

Grade 2
4 km
1-3 hours
Official Partner
Cappanalea OETC

Suggested Bar & Restaurant

Bunkers Bar & Restaurant

Bunkers is a family owned bar and restaurant in Killorglin, just opposite the Reeks District Visitor Centre.

They serve good wholesome food all year round – breakfast, lunches and evening meals. They also have trad sessions in the bar and live music at the weekends. You’re guaranteed a very warm welcome!

Bunkers Bar & Restaurant

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