Killorglin Archive Society

Killorglin Archive Society

Killorglin Archive Society

Preserving our past for the future…

Killorglin has a rich cultural heritage. The Killorglin Archive Society (K.A.S) aims to do all it can to preserve this by collecting, collating and archiving old photographs, recordings and films that capture the essence of life in the parish of Killorglin over the last century. This greatly enhances local knowledge of the history and folklore of this place and provides an invaluable historical resource for those interested in the area, world-wide.

There are probably many interesting photographs, documents and recordings in the possession of the people of Killorglin parish at home and abroad, or stored away in attics and drawers. All of these are valuable resources and K.A.S would be delighted to receive such items, so that they can be carefully scanned and archived. All originals will be returned to their owners.

As well as carefully archiving old recordings, K.A.S actively engages with local residents interested in sharing their memories of customs, special events and day-to-day living in days gone by. It’s as easy as sitting down and having a chat with one of K.A.S’s friendly volunteers or an office staff member. These first-hand accounts of life in the early to mid-twentieth century add a new dynamic dimension to the archive collection.

Interested in making a contribution? Have a query related to family history? Just pop in to An Sean Scoil for further information or contact us below.

An Sean Scoil, School Road, Killorglin, Co Kerry
+353 66 9790720
Killorglin Archive Society

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