Wild SUP Tours

Wild SUP Tours are explorers and adventurers. They are stand up paddleboarders (SUP).

They seek adventure, leaving life’s trials and tribulations on the beach behind them. They travel to find new places and experience new things. They explore to immerse themselves in the environment and become one with the wild. They seek out waterways to experience freedom, to be taken to places rarely seen by others. They paddle to be immersed in nature, to regain connection to themselves. They are about bringing you to new experiences, taking you on a journey of discovery that you will never forget. They are so much more than a paddleboard school. They will teach you everything you need to know to have an epic, safe adventure.

Whenever Wild SUP Tours venture out onto the water, they are looking for that sense of discovery and delight so often elusive in the modern world. Under Wild SUP Tours’ gentle guidance, you will find it in abundance in the Reeks District. Enjoy reconnecting with nature in a setting which offers mountains to one side and sea to the other. Experience the heightened joy and awareness of sharing the beauty of the planet in magnificent natural surroundings, and gaining a genuine understanding of the importance of keeping it so.

Paddleboarding is a fantastic sport by which to do this. It is easy, accessible and there is no barrier between you and the wild. The paddleboard can take you to places no other crafts can. SUP is a versatile activity that can take place on the sea, rivers and lakes.

Venture down the River Laune and travel from towns to forestry, to wide open spaces ending in an estuary full of free-wheeling sea birds, filling the sky with sound. The river moves slowly, giving you the chance to take in all the natural beauty around you.

Paddle on the picturesque Caragh Lake and take in spectacular views of Carrauntoohil. A perfect location for some prime wild life viewing, it is common to share the water with swans and a wide variety of ducks, and watch families of wild mountain goats roaming the hills, leading down to the lake shore.

Join in one of the newest adventures, Night SUP on a secret lake. Imagine a clear, moonless night, barely a breath of wind, the warmth of a glowing fire nearby. Gliding out onto the glassy surface of the lake, the night sky blazing above in all its splendour, this is one of those moments you will never forget, time to reflect, to soak in the majesty of the universe. Afterwards, the kettle goes on, the marshmallows come out and relaxing by the fire with your fellow paddlers gives you a real sense of what being connected to nature is all about.

There are so many wonderful places to paddle in the Reeks District. The scenery must be experienced to be believed: a truly magical place to be and a truly magical place to paddle.

Wild SUP Tours. Find the hidden wild places.

Caragh Lake, Killorglin, Co Kerry
+353 834766428

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