Reflections on the Reeks

From Cluj to Irish culture

Ciprian Birsan, 50, left his home in Cluj, Romania, almost 20 years ago to create a new life in the Reeks District, partly inspired by his love of Irish alternative rock music. He now runs his own company Sandwill IT … Read More

A wanderer returns

After a long stint abroad, Fiola Foley, 40, returned to her hometown of Killorglin where she now works as Global PR Manager at komoot, a leading route planning and navigation app. Here she tells us about how she’s finding life … Read More

The big move south-west

Civil servant Michael Moore, 49, and his wife Gerri decided to take advantage of a scheme to decentralise Irish government, leaving the capital Dublin to set up a new home in the Reeks District in 2007. They now live in … Read More

Discovering a new passion

Shalini Mahajan, 28, left India to study in Dublin before moving to the Reeks District and taking up a position as a Business Intelligence Developer for Fexco. Here she tells us about her new life in the Reeks District When … Read More

A home away from home

Kelvin Carvalho, 46, relocated to the Reeks District in 2017 with his wife, Neelam, and 16-year-old twin daughters, Iris & Emily. He works as a software engineer for Fexco and tells us here about his new life in the Reeks … Read More

Creating cake sensations

Gabi Jakelyte, owner of Gabi Bakes Cakes, has come a long way since she used to hang on to the apron strings of her grandmother in the family kitchen in her native Lithuania. Now she makes some of the most … Read More