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Answers to some common questions about Ireland's Reeks District


The Reeks District is a rural area, so renting a car is the handiest option for getting around. However, there are some public transportation options available in addition to taxi services and tour operators for people who do not wish to drive. Bus Éireann operates regular bus services between towns and schedules can be found online.

Where can I find bus schedules or fares?

Bus Éireann has routes in the Reeks District serving Castlemaine, Milltown, Killorglin and Glenbeigh. Click here for more information

I don't want to drive. Can I just get a taxi to drive me around?

Yes, absolutely!

Mid Kerry Cabs can take you anywhere in the Reeks District. Click here for more information.

Falveys Taxis offers a full taxi service for Kerry and beyond. Click here for more information.

Which airports can I fly to?

For information on getting here visit our Getting here & around page for complete routes and directions.

Is it possible to go touring if I don't have a car?

Yes. Mid Kerry Cabs offers tour options and can take you on scenic drives in the Reeks District and the surrounding area. Click here for more information.


When you see our beautiful mountains in person, it may be tempting to just run up the nearest one in flip flops, but this is a bad idea. Bring proper attire. A solid-looking area may actually turn out to be a bog. Sheep poop is everywhere. The weather will change in minutes when a thick fog moves in from the sea. Many places in the world have mountains with well-worn, sign-posted trails, but this not the case in the Reeks District. You will need a map and compass. You will not be able to rely on mobile phone coverage. Our mountains may be technically small as mountains go, but they can be deadly. Never hike alone. If you're travelling on your own, the easiest thing to do is book a guided tour. Take a similar attitude when doing activities in lakes, rivers and the ocean. All the equipment you need to surf, swim or SUP is available to rent or buy in the area, so you will be sorted to enjoy our dramatic natural landscapes without compromising on safety. If you're travelling on your own, there are plenty of tour providers happy to bring you along for a paddle in a range of locations.

Is there an easy way to plan my trip to the Reeks District?

You can view our Reeks District map online before you leave to help you find outdoor activities, museum experiences, food, accommodation and amenities in the area.

Where can I get information on how to get to Reeks District?

By visiting our page Getting here & around where you will be able to find most of the information needed. Whether you are travelling by plane, train or car.

Do I have to book accommodation far in advance?

The answer depends on when you’re travelling. If you’re visiting us in the summer months, accommodation will be harder to find so it’s better if you have it booked as far ahead as possible. In the shoulder season, it will be less crowded.

What are the latest travel rules around Covid?

The situation is changing so quickly that the best thing to do is check the latest restrictions on Citizens Information.


Visit this official website for more information here.

what to bring

You will definitely need a raincoat, no matter what season you visit. It will rain. Accept it. Embrace it even. We recommend that you bring your proper hiking boots, compass, map, swim togs and whatever gear you need to enjoy your outdoor activity of choice. However, if you forget anything, it's not a big deal as you can buy outdoor apparel once here, pick up a map in the Reeks District Visitors Centre or rent equipment such as surfboards, SUPs, kayaks, bicycles and more from local tour operators. Find outdoor equipment at Boyles.

What kind of hiking boots do I need to hike in the Reeks?

Most of the year, standard hiking boots with ankle support are fine. In the winter, if there’s snow, you may need boots that take crampons. If you’re in any way unsure, you can book a guided ascent with Kerry Climbing and they will advise on what kind of gear you need.


Visit Kerry Climbing

I want to surf, but don't want the hassle of travelling with a surfboard.

No bother. You can buy a wetsuit from Boyles or rent a board and wetsuit from Kingdom Waves on Inch Beach. Visit Boyles here.

If I bring my own bike, will I be able to take it on public transportation?

It may be possible to bring your bike on the bus, but it’s not guaranteed. Some buses are equipped with bike racks, but not all of them.

Can I rent a bicycle in the Reeks District?



You can rent bicycles from Killorglin General Cycle or O’Shea Cycles, Killorglin.


If you book a tour with Trailflow Bike Adventures, both bicycle and helmet are included in the price.


For more information visit: 

Killorglin General Cycle

O’Shea Cycles

Trailflow Bike Adventures


Before you leave

Find out the latest health rules, what you need to pack and what gear you need.

Getting here & around

Rail, car, ferry, bus or plane. Find how to get here and how to get around.

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