Float silently letting the tranquil air and soothing reflections fill your soul

Colette Lawlor

Cappanalea OETC

Touring on Caragh Lake

We do lots of things well in Reeks District – one of them is silence. One of the best places to sample that silence is to tour on Caragh Lake. You will hear some sounds of course: the swish of the oar hitting the water, the odd bird call… but other than that, there’ll be little else to take your mind away from the gorgeous surrounds.

Caragh Lake is one of Ireland’s lesser-known beauty spots – a fact that takes some doing in a country famed for its jawdropping landscapes. Set 6km south-west of Killorglin, the vast, glacial lake is surrounded by rugged mountains and dotted with small beaches and coves, perfect for exploring by kayak or canoe. Sure, there’s a road around it, but so few cars pass, you’re unlikely to be disturbed.

Join one of the team from Cappanalea Outdoor Education and Training Centre and let them be your guide to the most secluded kayaking spots on the lake. Journeys can be tailored to suit abilities and levels of experience – all training is given – and circular trips of up to 10km are possible.

The lake’s size means the waters can be choppy, but there are many times the surface is like glass. It’s at times like these you can float silently by, letting the tranquil air and the soothing reflections of blue and green nourish the soul.

Look out on the way for the wildlife: feral goats and cormorants are common, while it’s possible to spot the occasional white-tailed eagle.

There are some small picnic spots scattered around the lakeshore. Pull your boat up on the bank and enjoy a wild lunch with your party, or stop off at one of the fabulous lakeside country house hotels such as Ard na Sidhe or Carrig Country House, for sumptuous afternoon teas or a drink on manicured lawns overlooking the perfect stillness.

Beginners to intermediate
Full or half day
Available June to August
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Cappanalea OETC

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