For us, the Reeks District initiative is about more than just showcasing our amazing natural amenities to visitors. It’s about encouraging all of us who live and work here to get outdoors and value what we have.

Water has always been my ‘thing’ so a recent post about research into the positive impact of swimming on mental wellbeing by Women In Adventure grabbed me. It really hammers home why getting out, whether for a gentle swim or a paddle, is so important.

In it researchers surveyed 2,000 plus women from 44 countries and found that 99% agreed the outdoors has a positive impact on their mental wellbeing. Those that kayak, ski, canoe and swim reported particularly high scores. If you’d like to delve deeper, you can download the full report here.

There are LOADS of other studies, reports and articles on the positive impact of outdoor recreation on both women and men, children and grown ups if you’re interested.

With so many amazing natural amenities and great activity providers, as well as local clubs and associations, right here on our doorstep, spreading the word and getting all of us out there is something we’d love to do more of!

So, if this sounds up your street and you’d like to see it happen, get involved. We’d love your help.

#strongertogether #reeksdistrict

Jens Bachem is Chair (2018/2019) of Reeks District; and Co-Owner of Caragh Lake House, a luxury lakefront vacation rental on Caragh Lake.

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