Biddy’s Day

Brigid is honoured every year in the Reeks District, with Biddy groups visiting rural and public houses on and around Biddy’s Day. They carry a Brídeóg with them to ensure evil spirits are kept away from humans and animals alike for the coming year.

Sometimes compared to the Wren Boys and Straw Boys, the Biddy’s origins are lost in the mists of time but most agree its heritage is a mixture of Early Christianity (St Bridgid) and Ancient Celtic Tradition (Brigid the fire Goddess).

The festival is celebrated on Imbolc one of the four Celtic festivals along with Lá Bealtaine, Lughnasa and Samhain.

Traditionally, a visit from the Biddies guaranteed good luck, fertility, prosperity and to not receive a visit was considered a terrible sleight.

The highlight of this festival is the torchlight Parade of the Biddy through Killorglin town and the colourful King of the Biddies contest.

8 February 2020
Killorglin, Co Kerry

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